I’ve lead and interesting life filled with experiences none would want and others people would die for… well maybe not die..

I am a product of alcoholic parents that divorced when I was 4 years old. My mother raised my brother and I with no help from my father who I never heard from until I was 30 years old. I was born on his Birthday so you’d think that I’d be important,that was not the case.

My Brother was nothing more than a punk asshole, 5 years older than me I was his daily target that left me in fear most days and 24/7 on guard. It’s cost me years of therapy being diagnosed with PTSD.

Running away and hiding outside until my Mom got home was my normal life often being fed by friends because Mom being the drinker she was didn’t always come home.

I won’t go into my childhood as it brings up bad memories I’d just like to forget.

What have I done all my life… Well I’ve been married twice to good women and fathered 4 perfect kids. I spent a lot of years as a photographer and enjoyed the company of some of Hollywood’s best.

I was in the import car parts business for awhile before joining a machine tool company to help out in sales and advertising. I eventually became Vice President and enjoyed traveling in nearly every state and overseas in Taiwan and the beast CHINA… Hate them

During this journey I found myself part owner of an offshore bank… and created my own machine tool company.

I’m huge on giving back and since the 90’s was active as a Search and Rescue Volunteer. I served with San Bernardino County and Ventura County Sheriff. In 2012 I along with some believers created the largest Search and Rescue Team in the country. This team gives back millions of Dollars in FREE services helping to locate missing loved ones.

I’m an expert in this field and today have my Private Investigators License. I’m old but far from done…lol I’m still active in locating the missing, there’s nothing better than solving a mystery no matter how it ends good or bad….. Families always need to know