Which Party??

I’m not a member of any political party and candidly have no ideal how many parties exist.

I do know there’s the Democratic party but it seems to be divided and really should divorce itself from radicals that operate under them..

You have mainstream democrats that are peaceful and like the idea of a little more government handouts.

Then you have the Racial Left that stomps their feet and spew hate towards the President and favor more even handouts and a larger government… note handouts mean higher taxes.

Finally we have the Democratic Socialist Party. These guys want to control everything including your hard earned money. They want everyone to earn equally and do away with capitalism. They should not be hiding under the democrat blanket, they need to be clearly identified.

Everyone is just going to need to be more informed and look at the big picture… do you want that apple pie life… then join the non radical Left or Right.

The right wants less government, for you to keep more of your money and is against abortion.

Like I said study the party and the candidate…. from me you’ll get smaller words, term limits and less taxes…. in fact I’d like to close the IRS.